9 Natural Skincare Tips for Happy Travels

9 Natural Skincare Tips for Happy Travels

Travel is great for the soul, but it can be challenging for the skin. Luggage limits mean you can’t take your full skincare kit with you, so how do you ensure you’ll always look good in your exploring-the-world Instagram pics?

While you’re travelling, your skin wants you to stick to your usual regime…and then some. There will be dry aeroplane air that dehydrates your skin barrier, jet lag that makes your eyes baggy and not-so-nutritious food that doesn’t deliver the right vitamins every day.

Because so many things about travel are artificial (like air conditioning, huge enclosed airports and convenience food), taking a natural approach to skincare will help to balance things out. Here are our tips for happy travelling skin.

Switch to a natural skincare regime

If you’re not already into natural skincare, an upcoming trip is a good reason to make the switch. Change out all the basics – cleansing, toning, moisturiser and exfoliation – a few weeks before you set off. This will help to get your skin into top shape before it meets the rigours of travel.  To get started, check out our online store.

Invest in lightweight containers

Next step is to take these core products with you in smaller, lighter containers. You’ll find travel-friendly containers in pharmacies, on Trademe and in department stores. Even your local ‘two dollar shop’ is likely to have containers and bottles for your skincare basics. Sometimes sets come with a spritz bottle, which will be handy for products like Okana Cucumber + Lettuce Toner.

Prepare your cabin bag for long haul

If your flight’s going to be more than six hours, it’s smart to take some skincare on the plane, so that you can freshen up before you land. For cabin luggage, remember that all liquids, aerosols, gels or pastes must be in individual containers not larger than 100ml in volume. And these containers must be in a re-sealable transparent plastic bag no larger than one litre (approximately 20cm x 20cm). You’ll need to present this bag of goodies when you go through airport security. 

Give your skin a pre-trip treat

The air inside aircraft is drier than usual, so you need to protect your skin from dehydration. A couple of days before your flight, treat your skin to a double cleanse and a mask. Not only will this make you look radiant at the airport, it helps to ensure you’re not sealing in dirt and excess oil when you apply your pre-flight double moisturiser. 

On the day of travel, cleanse, tone, apply a hydrating serum and a light layer of moisturiser.  Wait five minutes, then massage in another layer of moisturiser. Now your skin is ready for a light application of non-comedogenic foundation (won’t clog your pores). If you get shiny during the flight, blot lightly with a clean tissue. 

Avoid the duty free perfume

Typical perfumes, like the clouds of scent that waft around duty free stores, are made with synthetic chemicals that are known to cause allergies, skin irritations and health problems. However the individual ingredients that go into a fragrance don’t have to be listed. They are considered ‘trade secrets’ by law. Studies have shown that up to 4% of the general population are sensitized to typical fragrance ingredients. If you want a new perfume, look for a naturally-derived product that’s based on aromatherapy.

Drink up!

Flying isn’t just dehydrating for your skin; it also dehydrates your body. Keep sipping throughout your flight. Aim to drink about 250mls of water an hour. If you can’t count on regular refills from cabin crew, take a reusable water bottle with you and top up at the airport water station before you go to your boarding gate.

Get some sleep

While it might be tempting to watch one movie after another all the way to your destination, any amount of sleep will be helpful for avoiding jet lag and the tired appearance that comes with it. Noise cancelling headphones are an excellent investment for better sleep on long haul trips. Also find a neck pillow that supports your head.

Depuff with a cold spoon

The effects of flying stay with you the day after, but you can give your appearance a quick pick-me-up with a cold spoon. Resting the rounded side of the spoon on your eyes helps to de-puff them and make you look more refreshed. Alternatively, dampen two cotton pads with Okana Mist Toner, rest them on your close eyes and relax for 10 minutes. The cucumber in the toner will have a de-puffing effect. 

Eat for health

It’s always tempting to throw caution to the wind when you’re travelling, but make sure you’re still getting your five plus a day. Try to eat nourishing whole foods, like salmon, avocado, lots of veggies and fresh fruit. Take it easy on the duty-free liquor too!

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