Has your skin type changed? Audit your face now! 

Has your skin type changed? Audit your face now! 

There are oodles of products in the market designed to reduce oiliness, provide rich moisture, reduce sensitivity or stop breakouts. Many of them do a great job, but if you’re buying something for oily skin when your skin is actually dry, don’t expect miracles. For great results and ongoing youthfulness, you need to label your skin correctly. 

Your skin type doesn’t stay the same throughout your life. To audit your skin and get an up-to-date result, here’s the process:  Wash your face, don’t apply any products, wait two hours and see what’s going on.

  • Dry or sensitive skin will be tight, rough, red and perhaps flaky in places
  • Oily skin will have visible greasiness and a bit of shine
  • Combination skin will have oil in the T- zone, as well as dryness in places like the cheeks
  • Normal skin will be smooth, with no excess shine or dry spots.

Once you have reality staring you in the face, evaluate your current skincare programme accordingly. Here are our recommendations for each skin type.

How to cope with oily skin

To keep itself healthy, skin creates sebum, which is a natural oil. It’s perfectly pH balanced to keep your skin slightly acidic and it’s important for retaining moisture. But excess oiliness happens when the skin goes into overdrive, resulting in breakouts and a slightly greasy appearance. This is made worse if the facial pores are large; the bigger the pore, the more active the oil production is.

If you have oily skin, breakouts will always be a probability. You’ll be prone to an oily film on your face and it will be hard to find a sunscreen that doesn’t feel heavy and sticky.

The great news about oily skin is that it means you’ve got a fantastic built-in moisturising system, are less prone to wrinkles and your skin barrier is probably quite healthy. As you age, your skin tends to dry out and produce less oil, so if you had oily skin as a teen, you might find it’s different in your 40s.

Your main objectives will be to keep your skin clean and fresh looking, minimise oil production, reduce visible pores, and lessen breakouts and acne.

Wash: It might be tempting to try to clean all that oil away and leave your skin feeling squeaky clean. However, the opposite is true: removing all the oil makes your skin produce even more oil. Instead, try the Korean method of double-cleansing, using an oil cleanser first (like attracts like) and a foaming cleanser for the second clean. This removes all makeup, sweat and grime without drying out your skin and stimulating excess oil production. Start with Okana’s Mango and Apricot Cleanser (more here) and follow up with our Apple Juice Foaming Cleanser (more here).

Moisturise: Just because your skin is prone to oiliness doesn’t mean you can skip moisturisation. Under that oil, your skin still needs hydrating. Avoid heavy, rich creams and try using a product with a lightweight or gel formula. This will help your skin to retain water without leaving a greasy layer on top.

Treatment: Because your skin is robust, you can lightly exfoliate or do a skin treatment a few times a week. Use a gentle exfoliator or try a home-made facial using yoghurt, papaya or finely-ground oats.

How to look after dry skin

The biggest giveaway that you have dry skin is dullness. This is because dry skin has a top layer of desiccated, dead skin cells, which make the skin look lifeless. The dry skin could be due to sun damage, over-exfoliation, damage to the skin barrier, using too-hot water in the shower or hormonal changes due to age.

To bring life back into your complexion, handle your skin with care. This means gently removing the dead skin cells, and providing intensive moisture and nourishment to the skin underneath. Dry skin can’t be left to look after itself, because it contributes to premature aging, wrinkles and fine lines.

Wash: Use an oil-based or cream cleanser. Most foaming cleansers deplete moisture and leave your skin like the Sahara - parched and lifeless. Only wash with tepid water, as hot water dries the skin out.

Moisturise: Dry skin can do with a lot of extra help in this area, so use specific rich moisturising creams for day and night. For your night-time fix of moisture, try Okana’s Berry Blend Night Moisturiser (more here), which is packed with nutrients and uses apricot kernel oil for an extra moisture boost.

See our guide to 'The best moisturiser for dry skin here'.

Treatment: A gentle exfoliator once a week might be all you need to slough off that layer of dead skin. Because your skin is dry, you could consider a fruit enzyme treatment that gently removes old skin without drying, scratching or damaging your dry skin. Or keep it simple with our Bamboo Bead Face Scrub (more here) – it gently removes that build-up of dead skin cells and the bamboo is rich in minerals.

How to care for sensitive skin

You’ll know if you have sensitive skin. It’s prone to inflammation and damage, is easily irritated and stings a bit when you wash it. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, it may react wildly to a product, even one you’ve used before with no problems. Having sensitive skin is a nervous nightmare – you’re always reading ingredient lists and your bathroom cupboard will be full of products you’ve given up on.

Some products should be avoided completely. Isopropyl myristate, alcohol-based toners, fragranced products, sulfates and chemical barrier sunscreens can all be very problematic for sensitive skin. You should also minimise wine, cocktails and stress, which can trigger skin sensitivity.

The good news is that sensitive skin may be transitory, because it’s often due to skin barrier damage or a certain stage in your life.

See 'How to choose the best natural face cleanser for your skin type (here). 

Wash: Just like dry skin, avoid foaming cleaners and opt for cream or oil-based cleaners. Apply gently, avoid using hot water and dry your skin by patting it with a clean towel, not scrubbing.

Moisturise: You need a product that helps to restore balance and heal the skin barrier. Try to find a natural, simple product that’s non-reactive, healing, and super gentle. Products that contain avocado, rosehip and jojoba oil are an excellent start. As your skin heals, you can try to incorporate new products.

Treatment: While you want to give your skin TLC, you mustn’t aggravate it further. Try a very gentle exfoliation once a week. Finely ground oats mixed with honey makes a soothing, anti-inflammatory scrub and could be a weekly treatment. Focus on providing nourishment and healing.

How to deal with combination skin

If you have zones of oiliness and dryness or your skin seems to get dry in winter but is fine in summer, then you might have combination skin. Juggling two different skin types in one face is perfectly normal, but it might take some extra management. For instance, many people with combination skin have an oily t-zone, with excessive oil on the nose and forehead.

Cleansers: You could be in for a bit of trial and error here, as you try to find a cleanser that works for your whole face.  We think you should lean towards an oil or cream cleanser, to keep dry areas supple and calm.

Moisturise: Try using different products for different parts of your skin. Use a lighter moisturiser for oily areas and a richer moisturiser for dry areas. Adapting to the needs of combination skin means a certain amount of experimentation. Also consider applying a toner between cleansing and moisturisation.  Okana’s Cucumber and Lettuce Toner (more here) is cooling, balancing, delivers moisture and won’t irritate your dry skin zones.

Treatment: This is your chance to give dry skin some extra moisture and to help clear the pores in the oily areas. A gentle exfoliation once or twice a week is a good start and a once-a-week face mask will help to keep the spots away from oily areas.

How to keep normal skin fabulously normal

If your skin doesn’t have any obvious problems - it’s not dry, flaky, oily or prone to acne - then you have the holy grail - normal skin. This skin type is well-hydrated, healthy, maintains an even level of sebum production and doesn’t require specialised care.

The biggest challenge with normal skin is keeping it normal. Diet, ageing and your environment can affect your skin, so a good routine is crucial for keeping your skin in top form.

Cleanser: You don’t want to strip your skin of natural oils, but you still want to effectively remove all traces of the day. K-beauty routines recommend double-cleansing at night, which involves using an oil-based cleanser followed by a foaming cleanser. Doubling up on cleanser removes all traces of makeup, including eyeliner, and means your skin is clear and ready for bed.

Moisturise: While normal skin isn’t too needy, you still need to keep it healthy and balanced. Try switching to our Vegetable Garden Day Moisturiser (more here). It features macadamia oil for that lush skin feel, plus lots of nutrients to make your skin glow.

Treatment: Consider using a gentle manual exfoliator two or three times a week. A moisturising face mask once a week will also help to keep your skin looking clear, lush and fresh.

Advice for all skin types - always wear sunscreen

Regardless of your skin type, you need to wear sunscreen every day. Try to choose a physical barrier, such as a zinc or titanium-based cream, rather than a chemical-based one. Avoid products like oxybenzone and octinoxate, as they damage the environment and are toxic to coral reefs and marine life. Sunscreen is important to avoid damage from UV rays, which hasten the arrival of wrinkles and increase the risk of skin cancer.

See our Radiant Skincare Box Set

Simplify your daily skin ritual and transform your skin with the entire Okana facial care range.

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By opting into the programme, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Okana programme and our Privacy Policy. Please read these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy before you opt into the programme. You can refer to our Privacy Policy to find out more about how we use your personal information and how to opt out of receiving digital communications.

Participation and Membership

Participation in the programme is open to customers worldwide. You must be at least the age of majority in your state or country of residence to opt in to the programme. If you are under the age of majority, you must have permission from a parent/guardian to opt in to the programme who must read and consent to these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, please do not participate in the programme, or contact hello@okanaskincare.com to opt out.

Calculation of Okana Programme Points

Spending in our online store will earn you points provided you use the email associated with your Okana Programme Account.

Okana programme spend:
- Relates to the final amount you pay at checkout.
- Is calculated after discounts, shipping and tax have been applied.
- Does not include returns, reimbursements or refunds.

Programme points expire 12 months to the day after you earn them. Your current balance is calculated in real time. Your points may fluctuate on a daily basis depending on what points you have earned that day, or what points have expired. Okana reserves the right to change points if we believe someone has unfairly accumulated points outside of the rules set out in this document. Points are non redeemable for cash or monetary value. Points are only available to be accumulated online.

Okana Programme levels

You will achieve Okana Programme Levels by spending in our online store, or by successfully completing certain point-earning actions.


To access you need: 0 – 9,999 Okana points.
Every $1 spent on Okana products equates to 20 points.


To access you need: 10,000 – 19,999 Okana points.
Every $1 spent on Okana products equates to 25 points.


To access you need: 20,000 or more Okana points.
Every $1 spent on Okana products equates to 30 points.

Subscription club - the lounge

You get instant access to the Diamond club. In an event you cancel your subscription, your diamond club access will be downgraded to the club your points accumulate to depending on your purchase history.

You will move to the next level once you have reached the required number of points. You’ll then get to enjoy the benefits of that level for the next 12 months. You cannot drop down a level within those 12 months, but you can move up another level which you will then get to enjoy for the next 12 months. Your level eligibility will be reviewed on the 12 month anniversary of you joining that level. If you have the required points, you will get to continue enjoying that level for the next 12 months, if you do not have the appropriate amount of points needed, you will then drop down a level.

If a programme level has been achieved by you in connection with a breach of these Terms and Conditions or otherwise, has been incorrectly allocated to you, including as a result of an error on the part of Okana, we reserve the right to adjust your programme level to address the breach or error. If you obtain a reimbursement or refund for goods purchased from Okana, an adjustment is also to be made to the programme account, in the amount of the refund granted.

Transfers and customer files

Programme points are non-transferrable: any transactions made by another customer on Okana’s online store cannot be transferred to a different customer(s) for someone else to obtain these programme points.

There can only be one customer for each programme membership. Transactions or points earned from multiple customer files (i.e purchases made under multiple email addresses for one customer) cannot be joined into one programme amount. As a customer and Member of the programme, it’s your responsibility to ensure that we have only one client file for you. If you suspect that you may have more than one client file, please contact: hello@okanaskincare.com

Programme points cannot be sold, transferred, assigned or otherwise dealt with except in accordance with these terms and conditions. Programme points have no monetary value and cannot be taken or redeemed as cash, unless otherwise stated as part of the programme.

Rewards and benefits are non-transferable.

New release product bonus points

A product is considered a "new release" for two months after the official launch date of the product. Okana programme Members will automatically receive 1000 bonus points when purchasing a new release product within those two months. Okana reserve the right to change the end date of the new release product period at any time.


Any rewards, gifts, benefits or promotional offers communicated as part of the Okana programme may include specific offer terms and conditions, including expiry dates. Unless otherwise stated, rewards and benefits can only be redeemed by making a purchase in Okana’s online store.

Member-Only Benefits

Okana will communicate to the appropriate programme members when a member-only benefit is available for redemption. This will happen at a time determined by Okana. Member-Only Benefits could be a gift with purchase, exclusive content,, bonus points or other promotional offers. Member only benefits will be available for one month or until all stock is allocated.

Change of details

It is the customer's responsibility to advise Okana of any change to your details by logging into your account and managing your details accordingly, or by contacting hello@okanaskincare.com. Okana is not responsible for any failure to notify us of your change of details, which may result in you not obtaining the benefit of programme communications, rewards or benefits, or the loss or downgrade of a programme level status.

Suspension, Modification and/or Termination

Okana reserves the right at our discretion, to disqualify any individual we find to be tampering with the entry process, or the programme operation.

Okana may immediately suspend or terminate your participation in the Okana programme if you: (a) are in breach of these Terms and Conditions; (b) have engaged, or may engage, in fraudulent conduct, or conduct that is suspected to be of fraudulent nature, in relation to Okana New Zealand Limited, the Okana programme, or your customer file; (c) have engaged in inappropriate conduct which undermines the reputation or legitimate interests of Okana; (d) have supplied or are attempting to supply false or misleading information; (e) are selling, assigning, transferring, acquiring, or offering to sell, assign, transfer or acquire any Okana programme awards, gifts, offers or benefits other than in accordance with these Terms and Conditions; (f) act in a hostile, abusive or aggressive manner towards any Okana staff or any other Customers online; or (g) become bankrupt.

If your right to participate in the Okana programme is suspended or terminated, any benefits, rewards, rights and Okana programme level Status you may have accumulated at that time under the Okana programme, shall thereby be suspended or terminated.

We reserve the full rights under our sole discretion to modify, suspend or cancel the programme without notice for any conduct that we believe is in violation of acceptable usage of our loyalty programme.