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The correct order to apply your skin care products

If it feels like you need to tape a list of ‘things to do to my face’ on your mirror, you’re in good company. Skincare is getting increasingly complex, as different types of products emerge to clutter up your mind and bathroom cupboard.

Whether your current regime is simple or complicated, there’s a right way to go about things. If you apply products in the wrong order, you could cancel out their beneficial effects or upset your skin (who needs breakouts and redness when the whole idea here is to look better!).

To spare you the guesswork of best-practice skincare, here’s how things should roll for the morning and at night, followed by a detailed description of each step:

Morning regime

Night regime

1.      Cleanse

2.      Tone

3.      Serum

4.      Eye cream

5.      Spot fixes

6.      Moisturiser

7.      Sunscreen


1.      Cleanse

2.      Tone

3.      Serum

4.      Eye cream

5.      Spot fixes

6.      Moisturiser

7.      Night cream



How to cleanse your skin properly

Before you put anything on your face, you need to take everything off. To make the most of your skincare regime, your skin needs to be free of makeup and oil. Makeup removing wipes won’t do the trick though; they’re really only for rock festivals and emergencies. Instead, choose an oil-based cleanser, like Okana Mango + Apricot Sorbet, that can be rinsed off or wiped off with a clean washcloth.

At night, you might want to do a double cleanse because you’ll have makeup and a day’s worth of grime to remove. Follow your oil-based cleanser with a sudsy cleanser, such as Okana Apple Juice Foaming Cleanser.

Follow cleansing with a toner

Toner is your cleanser’s best friend. They like to go everywhere together, so don’t use one without the other. Why? Because toner brings your skin back to its correct pH after cleansing, and that’s key to keeping your skin barrier in great shape. Toners used to be nasty alcohol-based things, but today they are more likely to be caring and gentle – especially if you choose products made from natural ingredients. We think you’re going to love Okana Cucumber + Lettuce Toner, because you can mist it on. So refreshing!

Pat serum on gently

Now that it’s cleansed and toned, your skin is ready for some nutrition. Use a serum that’s suitable for your age and skin-type, being careful not to use too much. As a general rule, choose a vitamin C serum for daytime and a hyaluronic serum at night. A couple of drops in the palm of your hand should be enough. Rub your hands together and press the serum into your skin gently with your palms and finger pads. Pay special attention to areas prone to the signs of ageing, like around your mouth and your forehead.  Don’t forget your neck, but avoid the eye area (that comes next).

Use your ring finger to apply eye cream

Eye cream is formulated to be absorbed easily into the thin, fragile skin around your eyes. Use a tiny amount applied carefully with the end of your ring finger. Your under eye area is the main target, but you can also apply a little cream onto your upper eye region around the eye socket, carefully avoiding your eye lids.

If you want get fancy, you can use a morning eye cream that helps to de-puff your eyes and a hydrating night eye cream that helps to prevent wrinkling.

Treat spots, if you have any

Spot treatment needs to go on before you moisturise, so that it can penetrate to do its special work. The best spot treatments are transparent and fast drying. Most of them use salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide as an active ingredient.  Use sparingly and let the treatment dry completely before moving onto the next step.

Seal it all in with moisturiser

Moisturiser is the protective layer that will defend your skin against dehydration, so it goes on almost last. If you’ve applied spot treatment, try to avoid wiping it off as you apply the moisturiser. Use a similar technique to applying serum: a pea-size amount in the palm of one hand, rub hands together, then pat over face (avoiding spot treatment). Don’t forget your neck and décolletage.  Wipe any excess onto the backs of your hands, because they age faster than anywhere. If you love natural products, try Okana Vegetable Garden Day Moisturiser with olive oil, apricot kernel oil, carrot juice and tomato juice.

Finishing touch – sunscreen or night cream

Your daytime regime should finish with sunscreen, although if you use a tinted moisturiser or foundation with an SPF factor you may be able to skip it. The level of protection you need depends to some extent on your skin type, time of year and where you live. However it’s compulsory to have some degree of sun protection, because photo damage from UV is strongly linked to skin ageing and skin cancer.

In the evening, you can finish with night cream - something full of goodness, like Okana Intense Repair Berry Blend Night Moisturiser, which includes macadamia nut and apricot kernel oil, as well as nutrient-rich berry juice. If your skin is inclined to be oily, you can skip the moisturiser at night and go straight for the night cream.

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