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Article: The uncomplicated approach to combination skincare

The uncomplicated approach to combination skincare

The uncomplicated approach to combination skincare

Have you ever noticed that some areas of your skin are dry, while other areas are oily? If this is the case, you probably have a ‘combination’ skin type. Typically, the oily panel travels down the middle of your face. You might also have an oily patch down the centre of your décolletage and between your shoulder blades.

It’s likely the oily areas are prone to breakouts, while the dry areas may be flaky and itchy. When you have combination skin, the areas that are prone to dryness are usually the cheeks, around the eyes, temples and between the eyebrows.

A combination skin type can be expensive to care for, because it’s like having two faces with different needs. For the sake of simplicity and economy, you have to find products that can be used for both oily and dry areas.

Go for a gentle facial cleanser

Throughout the day, your skin is battered by environmental pollutants, UV rays and airborne particles. And you’re probably adding to the assault with makeup. It’s important to remove everything at the end of the day without stripping your skin entirely, which will worsen dryness issues and exacerbate oiliness. A double-cleansing ritual is ideal for combination skins. Use a natural oil-based cleanser first, then follow with a natural water-based cleanser. Finish with toner and moisturiser. 

Choose the right toner

Using a toner helps to restore your skin’s natural pH balance after cleansing. However it’s important to avoid alcohol-based toners, which can make oily areas oilier and dry areas drier.  Okana cucumber and lettuce toner is ideal, because it’s both gentle and effective. After misting the toner on, follow quickly with moisturiser to seal the hydration in.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

Exfoliation is important for both dry and oily areas of skin, because it removes dead skin cells to reveal the fresh new layer beneath. With combination skin, you can use a light touch on oily areas and a slightly-firmer touch on drier areas.

If you’re new to exfoliation, take it easy at first. Start wit once a week, then build up to twice a week. Choose a gentle exfoliator such as our bamboo bead scrub, which is 100% natural.

Moisturise, day and night

All skins need moisturiser, even partly oily ones. Hydrating your dry skin areas without overwhelming the oily areas is the tricky part of combination skin care. We recommend using a pea-size amount of natural moisturiser that absorbs quickly. If it doesn’t seem to vanish into your skin, you may be using too much. At night, a richer cream will nourish your skin while you sleep, but stick with the pea-size serving.

Do your daily diligence

No matter what your skin type, there are a few things you can do every day to help ensure you look and feel your best.

  • - To keep your skin plump and youthful, drink plenty of water and avoid beverages that dehydrate you - such as coffee, energy drinks and alcohol. Try adding a few drops of lemon juice or some mint leaves to a water bottle to make sipping more exciting.
  • Have a weekly face mask. Clay and charcoal masks are particularly good for combination skin, because they draw excess oil from the T-zone. Charcoal also helps to gently remove impurities from congested pores.
  • Another approach to a weekly treatment is the multi-mask. You apply an oil-absorbing clay mask to your oily areas and a nourishing mask to the other areas.
  • - If you’re inclined to get shiny during the day, despite your best efforts, keep some facial blotting papers on hand to gently dab the oily areas. These neat little papers won’t ruin your makeup. At a pinch, you can use clean facial tissues.
  • Choose an oil-free foundation and apply it sparingly down the centre of your face, blending outwards. This gives you a natural look and helps to reduce shine down the centre of your face.
  • - As you age, your oily patches will gradually become drier. At some point, you won’t have combination skin any more. When this happens, adjust your skincare routine accordingly. It’s likely you’ll benefit from an anti-aging regime that focuses on anti-oxidants and nourishing natural oils. 

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