Turning Back Time with Natural Skincare

Turning Back Time with Natural Skincare

If you’re young at heart, but slightly older in other places, this blog is for you. No matter how many times you tell yourself it’s the inside that matters, when you’re applying makeup in the morning it’s it can be hard to ignore the signs of age.

Wrinkles (fine and not-so-fine), dark pigmentation spots that definitely aren’t freckles and saggy areas that demonstrate the long-term effects of gravity – what can you do to minimise the march of time?

From a natural skincare and health point of view, there’s plenty of action you can take. It’s not just about what you put on your face; it’s also what you eat and the environmental factors that can contribute to the condition of your skin.  

You are what you eat

Your body responds to whatever you put into it, so if you consume lot of processed food, sugar and alcohol, your skin will pay the price. Consuming these empty calories regularly can promote inflammation in your skin and accelerate the ageing process.  

Try to maintain a well-balanced, healthy diet that includes plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds.  Paired with drinking plenty of water and reducing your alcohol intake, it’s a strategy that ensures your body’s getting the nutrition it needs to produce healthy, glowing skin and fight premature ageing.

Cover up

Another important factor for reducing the signs of aging skin is protecting it from the sun’s harsh UV rays.  Many experts agree that exposure to the sun is a major contributing factor to premature ageing. Applying a high SPF sunscreen daily and covering up with sun-protective clothing to defend your skin from the sun is highly recommended.  If you’re a fan of a golden tan, try using a natural self-tanning lotion or book yourself in for a spray tan at a salon. The real thing is a bad thing, from an ageing point of view.

Get moving

It’s no secret that regular exercise is good for your body and mental health, but it’s also good for your skin.  By incorporating physical activity into your everyday life, you’ll enjoy improved circulation and a more efficient immune system.  The increased blood flow helps nourish skin cells and carry away waste products and free radicals, promoting a vibrant and healthy-looking complexion.

 Stop smoking

Aside from being terrible for your lungs and overall health, smoking has negative effects on your skin. It has been proven to narrow the blood vessels in the outermost layers of your skin, resulting in poor blood flow. This reduces the amount of nutrients that can be absorbed, leading to a sallow complexion, loss of skin elasticity and the advancement of wrinkles.

The best skincare strategy for anti-aging – keep it simple and natural

The anti-aging skincare market is flooded with choice. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of products and treatments out there, let alone understand the long ingredient lists and complicated scientific sales pitches. But there is a simple approach to anti-aging skincare that won’t lead to confusion - go natural.

Just like the food we eat, the products we put on our skin ideally should be naturally-derived and unprocessed. When choosing your skincare, look for a brand with a philosophy that values non-toxic, non-irritating ingredients packed with nutrients that will deliver healthy skin.  And remember that your skincare routine doesn’t have to be convoluted or expensive. 

  • Start your day with a natural cleanser, toner and light moisturiser.  Okana’s Apple Juice Foaming Cleanser is a gentle way to cleanse your skin without stripping away your skin’s natural oils. 
  • Toner helps balance your skin’s pH level, so choose Okana’s Cucumber + Lettuce Toner, which is rich in nutrients and refreshing to apply.
  • Finish with our Natural Vegetable Day Moisturiser, a light-weight and vitamin-packed formula that’s suitable for all skin types. It will leave your skin feeling silky and nourished.
  • In the evening, cleanse again and make sure you remove any makeup from the day, Mango + Apricot Sorbet Cleanser by Okana is made with only four ingredients and has a luxurious feel that dissolves any stubborn impurities on your skin. Massage it in, then rinse off with warm water and a washcloth.
  • Call it a day with a nutritious night cream like Natural Berry Night Moisturiser that works overnight to refresh and renew your skin. 
  • Once or twice a week it’s a good idea to use a gentle exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and even out your skin tone, Bamboo Beads Face Scrub by Okana is a natural scrub that re-mineralises and conditions your skin.

By maintaining a simple routine like this, combined with a few lifestyle changes, not only will you start to feel good from the inside out, but you’ll notice your skin looking noticeably healthier and younger.


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All of Okana formulations are made by our in-house team of bio-chemists and materials-chemists in our own lab.

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